myBuick Mobile App

With the new myBuickTM mobile app1, you can unlock your vehicle's full potential right from your smartphone. The new myBuick mobile app builds off the best features of the previous version of the myBuick app, along with the OnStar RemoteLink® mobile app, so you have one tool to manage your entire vehicle ownership experience. With the myBuick app, you are always in the driver's seat, even when you're nowhere near it.

With the available OnStar® Basic Plan or any paid OnStar service plan, you can remotely start or shut off your vehicle's engine, lock or unlock the doors or activate the horn and lights, all from your smartphone if your Buick is properly equipped. You can also enjoy real-time diagnostic information on certain key vehicle systems, 24/7. Plus, Guidance Plan Subscribers can search for destinations - even a nearby dealer service centre - and, if equipped with the available Navigation system, have those directions sent right to your vehicle2.

The app is available for all owners of Buick 2010 model year and newer vehicles. For the best full user experience, be sure to use your log in information for your OnStar account.


How to Use myBuick Mobile App

  1. Download the myBuickTM mobile app from the Apple® App Store or Google PlayTM
  2. Select mobile app features come included with the OnStar Basic Plan to new vehicle buyers for up to five years (or remaining period for used vehicles)
  3. Log in to the app using your OnStar user ID and password

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Benefits of myBuick Mobile App

Convenience of vehicle management through a smartphone

         • Set a parking reminder

         • Send destinations through the app to the vehicle's Navigation system (if equipped)

         • Remotely control vehicle features like engine start/stop and vehicle door lock/unlock (if equipped)

Control through vehicle monitoring and management

         • Request roadside assistance through the app

         • View vehicle diagnostic information

         • Check for recalls

Simple user operation

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Introducing the new myBuick mobile app!

The new myBuickTM mobile app includes all the tools needed for vehicle management in one mobile app. By combining the best features of the current vehicle app and the OnStar RemoteLink app, it allows you to easily manage your vehicle ownership experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be included in the new mobile app?

The new myBuickTM mobile app will include all of the tools needed for vehicle management in one mobile app. The best features of the current vehicle app and the OnStar RemoteLink app are combined to allow you to easily manage your vehicle ownership experience. Available features include parking reminders, Owner Manual content and vehicle diagnostics, plus the ability to remotely control vehicle features, if equipped, including the OnStar 4G Wi-Fi® hotspot, remote door lock/unlock and more.

Why is Buick introducing a new mobile app?

We want to empower you by giving you the ability to unlock your vehicle's full potential from the palm of your hand. To do this, we created one simple remote application where you can control and manage all aspects of your vehicle ownership experience. By integrating OnStar RemoteLink features into the myBuickTM mobile app, we're providing you with a one-stop shop to manage your vehicle using only one user profile and login. This will create a simpler and more seamless experience for you, and, hopefully, you will enjoy the myBuick app as a "must have" tool for getting the most out of your Buick.

What changed with the user experience compared to the former vehicle app?

The new user experience for the myBuickTM mobile app creates a seamless experience between your vehicles and your compatible Apple® and AndroidTM smartphones. It includes an updated design that is consistent with the rest of your Buick ownership experience. The app's different features are presented in a format that allows for easy access to the functions you use most. You will be able to customize your dashboard by prioritizing the features you use most often and removing those you don't use. The mobile app also offers links to popular social media.

If I own more than one vehicle, will I need to download an app for each vehicle?

Compatible Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac models on the same OnStar account can be accessed in one mobile app. Download the app that you prefer (myChevroletTM, myBuickTM, myGMCTM or myCadillacTM), then choose the vehicle you wish to manage in the "Garage" section of the app.

What mobile devices are compatible with the new mobile app?

You can download the myBuickTM mobile app to compatible Apple and Android smartphones. Tablets are not supported.

When I log in to the new app, it asks me to sign in. Why is this?

The new mobile app will require a new login. You can log in to the new app with either your credentials. If you want to use OnStar connected services, you will need an OnStar account.

I have vehicles stored in my profile on the previous version of the app. How do I get those vehicles to show up in the new app?

The vehicle profiles stored in the previous version of the myBuick app are not transferable and will need to be added to the new app. If you have a single OnStar account for all of your vehicles and you sign in with your OnStar username and password, the vehicles will be added to the app.